Automatically have cash buyers delivered to your inbox every morning and match them with their perfect investment property.  You'll increase your sales and sell your properties faster.  

Who needs cash buyers? Beginning, Intermediate, & Experienced investors.

Cash investors eliminate your headaches.  You don't need to worry about seasoning issues or bank approval.   And they're ready for a quick closing.

For best results, the list should contain a variety of buyers who use different strategies to build their investment portfolios.

You'll never need to sell or negotiate...

Get cash buyers now

Get a website to presell your deals, it'll save you time and energy.   Buyers enter their preferences and are automatically placed on a list.  Every time you have a property it's sent out to all cash investors that fit the criteria.    Freedomsoft includes 2 top rated websites with autoresponders for buying and selling with their house flipping system. 

Get social media friendly. Use Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, & Pinterest to send  buyers to your website.

Join online real estate investing groups and don't be afraid to make friends, post your properties, and wants.  It's as simple as:
Investor Special 3/2/2 $55,000 Cash Only. And post a photo with it.

Search Google, Bing, and Yahoo enter real estate investors or we buy houses + your city.  Yes, there will be results for big national companies but keep scrolling and you'll find local buyers too. 

Send Direct mail to everyone that purchased property using cash in the last 30 days. Get a list from public records, a virtual assistant (VA) can do this for you.  Or your favorite Realtor can supply a list of recent sold properties from the MLS. 

We like to use automated systems.  Enter the address of the property and get the names and contact information of all the cash investors in the surrounding area. Instantly see which areas are hot and which are not. 

The system also has templates for sending direct mail and it's push button easy.

Get Cash Buyers Now

I Spy Cash Buyers

Bandit signs work both ways.  They advertise what an investor is selling and at the same time tell what type of properties and in which price range the investor buys.  Call the number and make contact.  Ads on craigslist and in your small local newspapers can be mined for cash investors in the same way.

Real estate seminars.  Pop up a few bandit signs along the major route to where the seminar is taking place.  Advertise a cheap property and your number.  Also do this for REIA meetings  and auctions.

Auctions. Most of the people in the crowd will be investors. Watch which properties they buy, make contact and slip them your business card.

Vacant properties. Some investors take advantage of empty houses by placing their bandit signs in the yard.  The sign stays in place until the bank forecloses and assigns the property to a Realtor.  Recently, we have spotted several in our areas.

Landlords Landlords are a great source.
And they're always looking for properties that cash flow.

Referrals from Business associates. Title companies, rental property managers, insurance companies, maintenance and repair people are all in contact with investors. 

Use these 11 sources to grow your list with quality cash buyers.   You'll reduce holding costs, get deals done faster and be on your way to building a stable investment business.

Cash Buyers For Your Real Estate Deals

Our software is fast, easy

Our software is fast, easy