Meet Julie

Hi, I'm Julie D'Aquila. I'm a real estate investor and deal maker.

I made the bulk of my money when the market was in complete chaos and the banks weren't lending. I'm not conventional and I don't believe in taking on large amounts of risk. I do believe in making large profits and beating the banks.

For me, real estate wasn't (and still isn't) just about making money.  It's my life plan.

Investing allowed me to accomplish the most important goals in my life, raise a family and send my children to college. (+ keep my sanity) Real estate gave me not only money to pay the bills but the opportunity to create time for my family, friends, and
most importantly for myself.

It gave me back my life and a future. Plus real estate gave me the opportunity to work part time and earn a 6 figure executive pay. I felt like I was finally able to break away from my "daily grind" and claim a new life for myself.

I was there to pick up my children from school every day. I was there for all the holidays and vacations. There were never any, "I'm so sorry, I'm working late or I have to work overtime on the weekend".

The experiences have been wonderful and I’m surprised that its gone by so fast.

I feel that each of us deserve a secure future, quality personal time, and a comfortable retirement.  Real estate has been there for me and it can be there for you too.

The same systems and strategies that made me flourish during the rough market, have been gathered together and updated and are now available for you. These are the systems that helped me move forward, close more deals and build a financially secure future for me and my children.

I'll see you out there kickin’ assets and closing deals,