Asset Protection Planning To Protect
Your Real Estate Investment Business

Online asset protection planning and legal services for real estate investors by Rocket Lawyer.   Don't be a target for unfounded and frivolous lawsuits. Protect yourself and your financial future.

The best asset protection planning structure is multi-layered and protects your business and personal assets. Set it up the right way.

Start with a solid business structure using an LLC, C corporation and Trusts. Besides protection, you also save thousands on taxes and IRS audits. Prevent legal disputes and save legal fees, time and headaches.

It's simple to start your business entity.

Just answer a few questions about your business, and we'll take care of the rest.  
We check the name, file the paperwork and follow up with your state.

Always add state-specific real estate contracts, legal forms, and documents to all of your business and real estate transactions.

Always add personal asset protection planning with estate plans,wills and trusts.

And always seek professional advice and guidance from lawyers.


Rocket Lawyer Provides Complete Legal Services

Asset Protection Planning For Your Real Estate Business

It's an inexpensive and fast way to create your , Corporations, LLCs, and Trusts,
obtain business licenses, Federal Tax IDs, and more.

You'll get reduced rates for your incorporation and 

Free 30-minute consultation on each new matter.

Get instant access to an online library of real estate legal documents. Reduce errors; fill in the blanks to customize the form to your state laws and situation.


Rocket Lawyer Legal Contracts
Asset Protection Planning

Speed up the contract process and make any document legally-binding in seconds. 

You can quickly put online signatures in place—with no in-person meetings or email attachments required. Get secure, digital signatures with the date and time-stamping on any device.

Real Estate Documents and contracts for investors

Secure cloud-based storage to organize your documents in one place for quick future access.  Unlimited revisions and copies, download and print anytime. It is a digital solution that eliminates piles of paperwork. Your privacy is protected, and your information is safe.


Easy, State Specific Legal Documents

Create legal documents, sign and save.  Just answer a few questions


Asset Protection Planning With A Lawyer

It's legal help at your fingertips when you need it - before and after signing your contracts and documents: trusted legal advice and professional guidance from our on call lawyer network. Have a legal question about starting a business or protecting your family? Ask any legal question in detail and receive an answer from a lawyer specializing in your issue. Quickly resolve your problem and move forward.

The law is complex has an on-call lawyer review your documents.
Get the answers you need, on-demand, from a real lawyer.
Connect online, by phone, email, or chat.

Rocket Lawyer online advice and asset protection from a Lawyer


Document Defense® Protection On All Your Contracts

If you need to enforce your contract, contact Rocket Lawyer and provide the relevant documentation. They'll connect you with a Rocket Lawyer On Call® attorney to review the situation and prepare a response.


Meet Your New Asset Protection Lawyers

Whether you need to create legal documents for your business, connect with a lawyer, or need to stay compliant, we're here to help secure and grow your investment business.

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Trusted Legal Advice Real Estate Investors
Rely On
To Cover Their Assets

Trusted Legal Advice Real Estate Investors
Rely On To Cover Their Assets


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