Automated Real Estate Investing
Systems That Do The Heavy Lifting

Automated real estate investing systems and other people's skills can automate your investment business. Technology and software leverage time, energy, knowledge, and money while reducing risk.

How Do I Automate My Real Estate Business?

Operating your business can be done with a laptop and spreadsheet; however, it's not the most professional or efficient way to build an investment business in today's competitive real estate world.

Instead, automate. Build your investment company with confidence use software and business systems specifically designed for real estate investors. Invest effectively and efficiently using Business, Marketing, Analysis, Property Management, and Legal software.

The Importance Of
Automated Real Estate Investing Systems

Amplify your efforts and save time and money. Let software and systems do a team's work but without the cost of overhead, employees, paychecks, or taxes.

Stay ahead of the competition. It gives you control and flexibility to respond to opportunities. No matter which investment strategies are part of your business plan (rehab, flip, rent, and hold), or the size of your team, you need automated real estate investing systems tailored to meet the demands of a changing market.

A fast office solution. Avoid mistakes while increasing productivity. Automated real estate investing systems give you an office that you can access anywhere. You'll be able to operate, manage and grow your business in a professional, organized and legal manner.

Less paperwork with more sales. Consistent results grow your business. At a glance, you'll see how your business is progressing and where to scale up.

Automated Real Estate Investing Systems For Business,
Leads, Comps And Marketing

Automate 85% of your real estate business operations with software.  Find your next property fast with an all in one REI software.   Generate leads, find comparable sales, analyze your deal, and create contracts, estimate repairs, automated marketing campaigns for direct mail and email, listing page for your properties, your own free business website and a paperless office with unlimited storage.

Analyze the investment.  Make wise investment decisions with software to perform due diligence with accurate property and market analysis. Find comparables sales, calculate property repairs, and (ARV) after repair value to determine the best investment strategy, financing options and (ROI) return on investment.

Marketing and lead generation.  Complete lead generation for motivated sellers and promote your properties to cash buyers (other investors) or retail buyers (homeowners). Your company website is your 24/7 salesperson. It connects your business with cash buyers and motivated sellers while pre-qualifying them.  With automated follow up and pre-written direct marketing and email campaigns.

Operating Your Investment Business.  Get a paperless office. Sign, store, manage, fax, and retrieve all your documents and contracts from the cloud: accurate deal and market analysis. Create in-depth reports, budgets, and financing proposals: store invoices and receipts of each property transaction. Send accounting and tax info directly to your bookkeeper/accountant.

Find out more about our favorite real estate business operations software.


Automated Real Estate Investing Systems
For Property Management

Rental property creates monthly cash flow while building long-term wealth, however, it can be time-consuming dealing with vacant properties, tenants, and repairs.  Don't pull your hair out; automated systems and property management software can help to reduce your workload, organize all the daily duties, maximize profits and reduce taxes.    

Use a cloud-based property management system that can be accessed on all devices with a tenant portal and a command center/portal for Landlords.  With automated marketing, advertising, and socializing  your rental properties.

Ability to accept rental applications, complete tenant screening, create leases, and process payments. And a portal for perspective tenants so they can complete everything online without you.  It saves you time and eliminates headaches.

The software must include features for maintenance tickets and tracking, accounting, vendor management, expenses, financial reports, and analytics for performance and ROI.   Plus, Insights for neighborhood rental prices and trends. 

Find out more about our favorite Landlord software.


Automated Real Estate Investing Systems
For Rehabbers And House Flippers

No hard hat required.  Choose rehab software that has project management and accounting tools including timelines, so you'll have no trouble completing the rehab on time, on budget and focused on your (ROI) return on investment.

The rehab software needs to analyze your deals, calculate after repair value (ARV), find comparable sales, and create reports for financing.   Plus marketing features for email and social media.

Find out more about our favorite software for rehabbers.


Automated Real Estate Investing Systems For
Legal Contracts And Asset Protection

If you do not have access to legal documents in a software system you are currently using, then we highly suggest that you get immediate access to online legal services.

Talk to a Lawyer specializing in real estate, business, and family law. Get legal and compliant state-specific contracts and documents that can be customized. Create business entities, companies, LLC, trusts, contracts, personal estate plans, and tax forms—online digital signatures with the electronic date and time stamp. Conveniently file all documents with secure cloud storage that is easily accessible from anywhere.

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