Beginning real estate investing can be both exciting and frightening as you take your first steps forward and break out of your comfort zone. Get a fast start and a solid foundation with the right corporate structure, a professional team, and automated systems. Even the newest investors will gain the confidence to close the deal.

What is the best real estate investment for beginners?

Build your knowledge base.  Get the best return on your money, expand your education and invest with confidence.   Develop your talents as a problem-solver and business strategist because the most valuable asset your investment business has is You.  Get as much training as possible before you start and always continue to update because more training equals fewer mistakes, less risk, and tremendous success.


Fast start for new real estate investors

Set yourself up for success.  When beginning real estate investing, it's important to the adapt your mindset and fully understand that each action you take needs to help generate income and build your investment business.

There's a lot of information here.  To keep each step short, we summarized and included links to detailed information. It'll take more than a cup of coffee to get you through all of it, so order a pizza and dig in.


How do beginners invest in real estate?


Start Like A Pro, don't take shortcuts.

Set your investment business up the right way with a strong foundation, goals, and an action plan for the next year. 

Create the proper legal structure for maximum asset protection, privacy, and tax advantages saving thousands of dollars and avoiding unnecessary worry and stress.


Choose Your Investment Strategy.   To avoid mistakes when beginning real estate investing, select strategies based on your experience level, financial goals, area, and niche.

Build A Team That Invests in Your Success. Leverage other people's skills (OPS). Surround yourself with investor-friendly professionals.  It keeps your overhead and taxes low. And it's mutually beneficial for these professionals to provide excellent service because, for them, it's a great way to make money while building their business and yours. Plus, they only get paid when a transaction occurs, so they are always eager to close your deals.


How do I start investing in real estate with little money?

Secure Funding.
  There are many other funding sources besides traditional bank financing. Typically, investors avoid the Banks and instead use creative structuring and OPM to fund their deals. It's crucial to learn how not to use your own money when beginning real estate investing.

Automate with Resources & Systems.   Integrate starting day 1, use technology, resources, and proven systems to effectively and efficiently operate your business. Spend your time buying and selling properties instead of slaving behind the desk with daily office chores.

Marketing That Gets Leads & Builds Your Business. It's all about getting leads. Crank up your lead generation system with a website, direct mail, and online marketing techniques that will showcase you as an expert in the local area. It's essential to get your investment business online and build a reputation. Gain instant credibility with an interactive website, and it's your 24-hour sales staff.  

Include branding that will get your investment company noticed and remembered, create instant authority status, and have everyone wanting to do business with you.


BEGINNING REAL ESTATE INVESTING: Get the strategies to find, fund  and close deals

Have Fun, Be Creative.
As you build relationships with clients, they'll give you testimonials and, best of all; word of mouth advertising.

As a welcome greeting to one of our buyers, we flocked her new yard with 200 bright pink flamingos. She talked about it. The neighbors talked about it, and many new clients called our office talking about the pink flamingos.

(disclaimer: no flamingos were hurt in this process)


Sales for beginning real estate investing

After you have completed a few closings, create a sales book to showcase the properties you've sold and proudly present it whenever given a chance, show it off like a proud granny sharing pics of her grandbabies. It'll help you build credibility with retail clients and investors. Plus, it'll act as a reminder of the enlightening opportunities that you encountered with each property.

Learn How to Talk with Clients, handle questions and objections. Negotiate sales, present offers, and provide solutions that get the contract signed.

Connect with Other Investors.   Use social media marketing to sell your deals, promote your properties, and connect with other investors.

Join a few online platforms and build professional relationships. Networking is free. Find communities of local investors, contractors, and professionals. We especially like Linkedin and Facebook. Locate the leader in your market and start to do business like them.

Knowing people in the industry creates channels that lead to possible business partners, person advisors, and mentors. Also, develop relationships with SCORE, the local Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, and Habitat for Humanity. It's through these connections that you'll be allowed to give back.

Learn some terminology.   When beginning real estate investing, it's vital to understanding the unique language of real estate so you can communicate with other investors on a professional level. It will also help you avoid common mistakes with contracts and closings.

Be flexible.  To stay ahead of your competition, continually monitor market trends for your area, and update software, strategies, and people.

Only use recent information, no more than one year old. Real estate quickly fluctuates. Today's investor needs strategies and systems that respond quickly to local market opportunities. You'll get more deals closed while staying a step ahead of everyone else.

With business systems, strategies, and people in place, you'll have no fear when beginning real estate investing. You'll gain the confidence to move forward, advance to go, and get deals closed.

Beginning Real Estate Investing to Comparable Sales

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