Best Property Management Software To Avoid Burnout And Overflowing Toilets

The best property management software reduces the time-consuming workload associated with residential rental properties. The software automates and streamlines your investment business, increases profits and efficiency while tracking performance.  
Fact - if you spend all your time fixing problems and dealing with tenants instead of finding more deals then your investment business won't grow. Plus, automating with software enables growth without increasing the need for more staffing and personnel.  And it produces a positive and happy experience for both landlord and tenant.

Who Uses Property Management Software?

No matter if you're a landlord, management company, or Realtor, software is needed to accurately record all leasing, operations, maintenance, marketing, and accounting associated with each unit.  The best property management software enables your business to operate in a professional and legally compliant mode.

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Landlords with 2 or 3 properties can juggle the management with spreadsheets, but it's time-consuming and can get out of control rather quickly.  Especially, when you decide to add more rental properties and grow your investment business.

You could hire a professional property manager or a Realtor for all of your real estate property management. However, it can be costly.

Management fees are pricey, starting at 10% of the monthly rent and there are additional fees for credit checks ($20-50), onboarding tenants ($150-350per unit), and property inspections ($25-75). 

If you still want someone to do it for you, definitely enlist the help of a real estate management company and use caution if anyone promises
to do the job for less.


 How Does Property Management Software Work?

rental property management software

The best are high-tech cloud-based systems with mobile apps so investors can manage properties in numerous markets.  For both landlord and tenant, it's easy to use, safely upload and store info and documents, and instantly communicate and
process transactions all in one place. 

How do I choose the
best property management software?

No one likes dealing with tenant complaints, listing vacancies, scheduling showings, taking applications, completing inspections, and scheduling maintenance.  

The best property management software automatically organizes time-consuming tasks like advertising rentals, accepting applications, screening potential tenants,
provides lease and legal documents, collects rent online, and tracks maintenance requests while reducing numerous calls and emails to you.

Upgrade Your Investment Business With A Power Tool

Buildium best property management software

Get a command center with owner portal and a free, fully-integrated professional website helps to attract higher quality tenants with online solutions for listing and marketing.

Fill vacancies with qualified tenants and seamlessly add them into the tenant management system to begin accepting payments. Customize your online rental application with credit score requirements, instantly process background and credit checks and receive recommendations based on data collected from applicants. Online eLease with legally-binding eSignatures. Minimize risk and protect properties and residents by offering renters insurance. 

Showcase your rental properties with photos and descriptions.  At their convenience, potential tenants can apply online and securely process payments.  All data is secure with industry-leading security provided and monitored by the professionals at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Automated Leasing Saves Time And Eliminates Paperwork

Click and send rental listings to all major property site in the United States and Canada. 

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Easier for landlord and tenant

Resident portals.  Tenants log on, pay rent, request maintenance, and view status updates.  All without any direct contact from you.

No stress accounting. Accept and track credit card and ACH payments online or cash rent payments at over 20,000 trusted locations nationwide. 

Buildium tenant portal


Analyze and Compare

Stay in control and drive your business with data-driven decisions and strategies.  The reports are easy to read and understand, so you can quickly make an informed decision with analytics and actionable insights.   In a few minutes create and automatically file 1099s.

Analyze and monitor the financial performance of each unit or your entire real estate portfolio. Click and view monthly profits, bills, and cash flow.  Compare your investment company with local and national rental and real estate benchmarks.

Manage invoices and accounts payable to vendors, generate complete and accurate compliant financial reports. Balance sheets, income and cash flow statements,
compare budget vs actual reports, general ledger, bank reconciliations, and transaction reports all are right at your fingertips.

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Get organized

Showings coordinator syncs with your calendar to book showings faster and sends instant follow-up messages. Unlimited document storage,  EZ communication with text messaging, and bulk automated email, letters, and notifications.

Track maintenance requests and perform property inspections in the field then sync all your data in one simple step.

On demand training and the Buildium Academy. Stress-free online video tutorials are quick and easy with basic setup instructions and step-by-step workflow plans.  And if you want personalized training or just have questions, Buildium's award-winning Customer Care team is standing by.


Less Than The Price Of Cable
Buildium Is The Best Property Management Software

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