Automatically have cash buyers delivered to your inbox and match them with their perfect investment property. You'll increase your sales and sell your properties faster.  

Cash investors eliminate your headaches. You do not need to worry about seasoning issues or bank approval.   And they're ready for a quick closing.
The list should contain various buyers who use different strategies to build their investment portfolios for the best results.

How do I find cash buyers in my area?

real estate cash buyers

Get a website to presell your deals; it'll save you time, money, and energy. Automatically, buyers enter their preferences and get placed on a list. All-cash buyers get notified every time you have a property that fits their criteria. 

Get social media-friendlyUse Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, & Pinterest to send buyers to your website. 

Get marketing use software to send out prewritten emails and direct mail campaigns. Send Direct mail to everyone that purchased a property using cash in the last 30 days.


Use online systems

We like to use real estate investment software. Just enter the property's address and get the names and contact information of all the cash investors in the surrounding area.

Instantly, see which areas are hot and which investors buy what types of properties. Then contact them thru email, direct mail, or by phone and see if they want another property in the neighborhood of their other investments. 

Many times they say yes.


Find Cash Buyers By Thinking Outside Of The Box

Get cash buyers now

Get a list from your county's property appraiser records, a virtual assistant (VA) can do this for you. Research all LLCs or real estate companies in the area of your investment property.

Or your favorite Realtor can supply a cash buyer's list of recently sold properties from the MLS.

Search Google, Bing, and Yahoo, enter real estate investors, or buy houses + your city. Yes, there will be results for big national companies, but keep scrolling, and you'll find local buyers too. 

Join online real estate investing groups and not be afraid to make friends, post your properties, and wants. It's as simple as: Investor Special 3/2/2 $ 55,000 cash Only. And post a photo with it.


AuctionsMost of the people in the crowd will be investors. Watch which properties they buy, make contact, and slip them your business card.

Vacant properties. Some investors take advantage of empty houses by placing their bandit signs in the yard. The sign stays in place until the bank forecloses and assigns the property to a Realtor. Recently, we have spotted several in our areas.

How to find cash buyers on zillow

Landlords are a great source. And they're always looking for properties that cash flow. Zillow is an easy place to find them and their contact info. Look for active landlords with nice properties in the same area as your investment property.

Referrals from business associates. Title companies, rental property managers, insurance companies, maintenance, and repair people are all in contact with investors. 

Use these sources to grow your list with quality cash buyers. You'll reduce holding costs, get deals done faster and be on your way to building a stable investment business.

Cash buyers to investment software

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