Freedomsoft so that your next house flip will be a success and not a flop. Manage your entire investing operation in one easy place. Do all your paperwork and legal contracts online. Send direct mail AND email marketing with a push of a button.

Who should use the software? Beginning , Intermediate , & Experienced Investors.

Freedomsoft isn't just for flipping houses,
its also a complete command center for your business.

Freedomsoft is a solid deal on a great product I use and fully endorse. I'm actually a huge believer in starting fast and automate early. And Freedomsoft is hands down the fastest way to flip a house.

Check out what the house flip system can do for you ...

The 3-step website launcher. Just pick a domain and launch motivated seller, buyer, lender, and short sale targeted websites instantly. (no extra fees)

Don't know how much to offer for a property? Do not stress.
FreedomSoft TELLS you how much to offer.

Easy Contract Generator Purchase & Sale, Assignments & other documents.
Submit Offers in 5 Minutes. 

Automatic Property Valuation Get the 20 closest comps to
your subject property.

30-Second Internet Syndication Selling a house a never been easier.
Automatically post properties to 19 top websites.

Quick ROI Reporting Click a couple buttons and get immediate charts of your vital business stats.

Get direct mail done for you. Select your market, pick the mail piece, and click Send. It's really that easy.

30 Days to Freedom e-Academy. You'll learn the ins & outs of how to make money in real estate with FreedomSoft.


House flip software

Freedomsoft establishes you as a reputable real estate business. It provides leads & has an automatic follow up system.

The house flip software connects you to cash buyers and motivated sellers. It automates the documentation process, beginning to end . Tracks and reports on your business progress.

I could go on with literally 50 other things that Freedomsoft does, but you really just need to try it for yourself.   I highly suggest the 30 day FREE trial.

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