HUD repo homes so cheap you can hear them scream.  It's real estate investing with bargain basement prices and you get a wide selection to choose from.

Helping to keep the buyer's closing costs to a minimal, HUD pays the Realtor's commissions provided that you use a HUD registered agent.

The property will have clean and clear title and it'll be vacant and ready to go.


It's a bidding process. The beginning 10 days that the HUD foreclosure properties are listed only people wanting to live in them - owner occupied are able to put in an offer. However, after that its up for grabs with the real estate investors.

Act quick and get your contract submitted first. HUD makes it easy to use online HUD management sites for information and bidding about the properties. With software and a Realtor all your paperwork is completed. And a Realtor will keep your system automated without tying up your time.

PRO TIP:  HUD uses non assignable contracts.  This can be a major challenge for many investors who flip and wholesale properties.  Legally work around assignability restrictions.

Always analyze and inspect the property, Cheap HUD homes are sold in as is condition. Afraid that the property will require too much work and time, or that you don't have the experience to handle a complete rehab?
Easy exit strategy - flip the property to a cash buyer rehabber.


How to buy HUD repo homes

But if you're willing to rehab and get your HUD repo homes in working order and rent to own the property to a new potential homeowner. You will get cash flow and tax write offs now and a large payoff later.


Because of the low price of many HUD foreclosures, investors find it convenient and easy to build a long term rental portfolio that quickly produces a large profit margin.
A quick exit strategy is to flip the HUD foreclosures and earn short term wholesaling profits and immediate cash flow.

Use creative financing strategies to fund your HUD deals.  Many times HUD properties will qualify for specialized financing like government subsidized loans, and no down payments.

HUD real estate isn't just residential, single family, or multifamily homes taken back through HUD because of a foreclosure on an FHA backed mortgage. Some properties are unique, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the variety. HUD also sells commercial, vacant land, and properties with airports, industrial, silos, marinas, and manufacturing facilities. These screaming cheap HUD foreclosures are everywhere, they spread across the United States and also include Puerto Rico.

The U.S. government tried to be efficient so they grouped together all the properties across the US and one site is responsible for selling them off.
It's almost as easy as an EBay auction.


HUD Repo homes to Investment strategies

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