An IRA real estate investing account gives you the opportunity to legally
out maneuver the IRS and build tax deferred wealth.  Fund your business and secure your financial future with an IRA account and you'll never have to apply for a bank loan again.

The amount you can transfer is unlimited.  Even a small amount of funds can be used to invest for the short term by wholesaling properties, purchasing tax liens and cash flow notes.  However, we suggest using accounts with at least a $35,000 balance.

How to invest with your IRA

Grow your retirement account while investing in your own business.

Use multiple IRA accounts (other people's money)

Get built in asset protection.

IRA transactions are seen as transfers of money not withdrawals, there are no fees, penalties or taxes due. 

Secure wealth for many generations to come with $ 0 to very little tax burden to beneficiaries after your death.

Benefits of IRA real estate investing


Can An IRA Invest In Real Estate?

Open an account, fund it, and select an investment.  It's that easy because an independent administrator that you select handles the investment transactions.  They acting in a fiduciary role and they do all the work.  They'll also offer financial and tax advice tailored to your investment goals.

Can I Use IRA Money To Buy Rental Property?

Use the funding to build your business and long term wealth with apartments,  distressed properties, and bulk REO packages.   Plus, you're not limited to one certain type of property, instead you can buy and hold residential, commercial, industrial buildings, raw land, and farm land.  Franchise businesses and start-ups are permitted purchases with retirement funds too.

And when the time comes to sell, you'll be able to eliminate all capital gains taxes.

Is It Better To Invest In Real Estate Or 401k?

401K and IRA accounts are a form of private money that most investors overlook. It's easy to tap into that pool of stagnant retirement money just sitting there when you know the basic rules and how to stay compliant.

IRA real estate investing build a secure retirement account


 IRA Real Estate Investing Strategies

Funds can be used to buy equity (stock) in your company.  If you use funds from your own account you could essentially be both the investor and owner. You'll be able to generate income while diversifying risk.

Act like the Banks.
Lend the money out to other real estate investors for interest or an equity split in their deal. It's basically a glorified arbitrage strategy using the power of compound interest to create, buy, and sell cash flow notes. This is how wealth is built slowly over time.

IRA real estate investing is the best strategy to build your retirement fund, your business and a secure financial future.


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