Marketing real estate and your investment business can be easy and fun.
And you'll get a large return for the amount of time and effort spent.


An impressive 85% of people look online first when searching for real estate. Websites save investors valuable time and energy. They're efficient and productive and are a cost effective means in which to reach potential clients quickly.

Build a dominant online presence to generate leads for your real estate business.  Use an interactive website for both buying and selling. Simple websites and squeeze pages provide information while collecting and qualifying lead data.

A website is an investor's best friend, it's your 24/7 salesperson but without the paycheck, health insurance, and payroll taxes. Combined with an autoresponder email system you'll have buyers lined up ready and waiting for your deals.  Want to have your website up and active in 30 minutes?  

Control Your Image

Get a positive business identity and build trust.  People like to know who they're doing business with and today it's easy to check people out online. So introduce yourself and your company with a smiling presence through social media. Develop an irresistible online persona that will make buyers and sellers want to do business with you.

Become googleable and reputable overnight without spending any money on a huge advertising campaign.  Linkedin gives your company a professional presence and it's easy to connect and form new business alliances.  Marketing real estate is fun and creative with a Facebook Fan page, show rehabs being transformed and your team that makes it all happen.  Create a past client photo album with testimonials (tag clients that are on Facebook & post on your business page)

Promote your properties on Youtube.  Create a video showing the highlights of the inside, outside & the neighborhood. 

Delegate 90% your online work load to Fiverr. Get more done in less time by leveraging the skills and time of others.

Create Instant Authority Status

marketing real estate properties
marketing real estate and your investment business

Marketing Real Estate With Direct Mail 

Allow a monthly budget for direct mail. Yes, it costs a bit more for each piece but you can't argue with the results.  And it's easy to keep the process automated with a VA or a professional marketing service.  Here's the who we use.

They have excellent customer service and fast turn around times.

All you need to do is select zip codes and they send postcards and letters to out of state owners, probate trustees, burned out landlords filing evictions and divorce plaintiffs.  Use high resolution, custom branding and consistency.  Direct mail campaigns bring back results, typical response rate is 7-10%.                                    

Get Noticed And Remembered

Use fun business cards, company shirts, and giveaways. One of our favorite promos for marketing real estate is a hand size stress ball with our logo and the text,  "We take the stress out of buying & selling houses."

As they say, be loud and proud. If you can afford it or as soon as you can, wrap your company vehicles with advertisements and add a vanity plate. 


Literally scream it from the roof tops while handing out business cards to all.
Introduce your real estate business to anyone that currently provides you a service.
Oh and don't forget about the backside of your business card. 

This is valuable territory use it to say what you do, how you do it or why. 

Add signs at all properties. As soon as you get the deal under contract, pop up a sign, "We Just Bought This House & We'll Buy Your House Too."  When work begins on the house, we change the sign to, "Remodeling House. Will be ready in __ days. Call to see it first." 

Get involved in your community.  Sponsor an event or fundraiser or host a local REI meetup group.

Marketing real estate doesn't need to be expensive or complicated to work.
It just needs to be consistent and creative.

Marketing Real Estate to Analyze Deals

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