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Motivational Video for real estate investors

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Inspirational video # 1

Rise & Shine. Go For The Glory. This video helps to win the battle with the voice inside your head- so powerful it made my palms sweaty.

Inspirational video # 2

Do you have a power pose?
Social psychologist Amy Cuddy gives a TED Talks that deciphers the power of body language and explains how to boost your confidence, cortisol and testosterone to have a positive impact on your chances for success.

Inspirational Video #3

This is literally the go to motivational video I always watch, I've seen it like 15 times, so I wanted to share it with you. This is real life 100% motivation from a true athlete, not some actor putting it on for the camera.  The video features Giavanni Ruffin
(East Carolina's running back) and narrated by the Hip Hop Preacher, Eric Thomas.

He tells Ruffin, "You'll be successful when you want it as bad as you want to breathe".

To be successful today, you have to BE something or someone. This is especially true in real estate.  Successful investors dream of the future, follow their passion, and are up for the challenge. They find comfort in uncertainty because they know that's where they'll find opportunities.

Get yourself an action mentality. Take the information and apply it to your business, focus on earning while surrounding yourself with like-minded people.

And remember, sleep is for people that are broke.

Inspirational video # 4

Gives you an extra 10 years of life and its by Jane McGonigal. It's from her Ted talks video and she shows you a creative way to refresh and renew your mind. 

Motivational Video to Fast Start Investing

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