We started using Pinterest for real estate about a year ago.  Since then, we've tweaked a marketing campaign that has brought back consistent returns on our time and money.

Who should use Pinterest?  Beginning, Intermediate, & Experienced investors.
Realtors too.

What can Pinterest do for you?

Gain exposure for your real estate business and properties

Marketing costs will be minimal

It's a relaxing site to visit, people are in a disarmed mode and more open to ideas and opportunities.


Marketing for deals.  Pin pictures of your postcards, yellow letters, and other promotional materials.  It's easy to directly target motivated sellers.  Create a pin for each type of solution you provide, ugly houses, probates, foreclosures,tax liens, divorce, sink hole, fire, and flood.   Then link your pins back to your website.

Sell your properties on Pinterest.
Add numerous pictures with captions, promote a lifestyle, show a few close ups of lighting, counter tops, entry ways, and upgrades. We all know the value of having potential buyers daydreaming about living in your property- their new house.

Link back to your website or MLS listing page so that buyers can get more info about your properties.

Pin before and after pictures.
Buyers can see the quality work and improvements to the property.  Your property will look amazing and stunning in the eyes of a potential buyer. 

Pin when a property sells.
Pin a pic of the property with a sold sign.  This creates the power of loss, a psychological  moment for a potential buyer and they will more than likely click through to see what properties you have available.

Pin turnkey and wholesale properties.
Create a board for an investment property you're selling.  Add a banner Landlord Needed.  Add pins (pictures) of the interior, exterior and neighborhood.  In the caption tell about the return on investment, the cap. rate, and the lease in place.

It's an easy task to outsource a VA can do the work for you.   And automated systems can schedule and pin your pictures. 

Pinterest for real estate investors and Realtors is the easiest and most beautiful social media platform that brings back a return.    Capture your audience and connect with a picture and a few words of caption.  It's the enjoyable and fun social network.


Create a board for your office.  Include pictures (pins) of your staff, the front door to your office, and your logo. Pin awards, accomplishments, and write ups in publications. 

Stand next to the sign that you use when selling your properties with a big old smile on your face.  Look friendly.

Introduce your investment business and yourself to the world.  Showcase your skills as an investor or Realtor.   Don't worry, its going to be fun. Think of your page as a high gloss magazine with lots of visual and short catchy phrases.

Check us out.  Here's our Pinterest for real estate profile.

Pin a picture, video, or info graph and get your pins liked and shared.  

Our software is fast, easy