Real estate analysis software will optimize your performance.   It takes the fear out of investing. You'll know if that property will cash flow before you invest. And you'll find out how to increase cash flow on properties you already control or own. It's the software that will keeps your cash flow flowing.

Who should use the software? Beginning, Intermediate, & Experienced investors.

It's every investor's best friend—no more struggling.  Eliminate the stress of determining which properties have true investment potential.

Make better investment decisions faster and with confidence.  Do not buy real estate based on 'gut feeling'; instead, know the numbers. Analyze the property like a professional and generate offers to make sure you never overpay. Quickly and accurately analyze cash flow even if you have no idea what you're doing.

Make Smarter
Investment Decisions In Minutes


In 5 minutes quickly and accurately analyze the property and cash flow

No stressing, or pen, and paper needed, and no big math formulas to remember

Generate easy to read financial reports that you can understand and lenders love

No special computer savvy or techie knowledge required at all


How Do You Analyze Real Estate?

With real estate analysis software that calculates all the numbers.

Push-button analysis. It's the powerful real estate analysis software that's uncomplicated; even our grandma can use it. Fill in the blanks and hit save. 

Do your due diligence no matter how good the deal seems at first glance.
Find out if that hot new deal that just crossed your desk is going to make money or not. The software analyzes the property and generates the results into a professionally formatted report and easy to read graphs.

The Realeflow software analyzes the property and generates the results into easy to read graphs. Free trial for 14 Days


How Is Property Value Determined?

Make informed decisions.   The investment property software automatically breaks the numbers down into cash flow, capitalization rate, net operating income (NOI), gross rent multiplier (GRM), return on investment (ROI), cash after debt service, and rates of return. Along with before and after taxes calculations. It also calculates holding and repair expenses, taxes, insurance, utilities, and mortgages.

Determine property value with Realeflow. Free trial for 14 Days

You can calculate changes and projections to increase cash flow while decreasing overhead and expenses, complete with forecasts from 1-20 years.  You'll be able to track and see how every deal affects your financial growth over time.

Evaluate rental properties. Identifying non-performing assets is crucial when looking at your real estate portfolio's overall profitability.  Find out which properties are making you money, which ones to improve, and which to dump (sell).

Simultaneously, the investment property software points out your top-performing asset (cash cow), which will enable you to devise insightful investment strategies for both short and long-term investing goals. 

Get funding without the hassles. Effortlessly, establish credibility with investors and win the confidence of your lenders. Automatically create summarized, easy to understand professionally formatted reports with the built-in mortgage calculator.

The real estate analysis software will help you make the right offers.  
Avoid doing the wrong deal, offering too much, or not factoring in all the expenses that can potentially cost you tons of money and headaches.

The Real Estate Analysis Software
Factors In Extra Costs

In 5 minutes quickly and accurately analyze the property and cash flow with the Realeflow software

Cap rate between 9- 15%.  Some investors round it to $150 per door. But we like to use the cap rate for rental property.
Most 2021 vacancy rates are from 9-11%
Most property management companies charge between 10-15% of the monthly rental amount.  Along with set fees for move outs and move ins.

Empowering Investors Nationwide
Start using the analysis software and know if and how your next real estate deal will have positive cash flow.


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