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How Did Zillow Flipping Homes Fail? By not having accurate property valuation, an experienced team, fast turnaround, and only one exit strategy.  Check out the article now.


Who Has Your Back?
Behind Every Successful Investor Is A Team Of Professionals

How does SCORE help small real estate businesses start or grow?  
Check out all the services provided by SCORE  FREE mentors.


Get real estate investment business advice from a Free SCORE mentor
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Your 10 Second Elevator Pitch With Value Statement

Learn how to professionally introduce yourself, your real estate investment company, and value position.   Kathy McAfee shows us how to create a 10 second pitch that communicates the "what's in it for me " proposition.


How To Position Your Investment Business For Growth

Investor Army explains linear vs exponential grow.
How to use leverage to create multiple streams of income.


How To Minimize Risk With Contractors

Investor Army shows us 6 ways to avoid problems, misunderstandings,
and being taken advantage of with contractors.  Find out more about Rehabvaluator.


Marketing A Real Estate Business 
Make The Phone Ring With Motivated Seller Leads

Jenn Hoover from Realeflow helps to eliminate your fear when talking to leads for the first time.  Find out more about Realeflow.


What To Say To Build Trust And Credibility
With Motivated Real Estate Leads

Investor Army shares their motivated seller script, shows us how to address objections,
and get the contract signed.


Quick Maneuver That Gets The Deal Closed

Investor Army tells us how to motivate the seller and get money for fees when the seller wants to extend the closing date.


 Property Management Success Story

Beau Miles of Essential Property Management shares his first 90 days with Buildium property management software. And how he grew his portfolio of mixed single family and multifamily rental units. Find out more about Buildium.


Set Yourself Up For Success.
 Use A Power Pose
When Negotiating

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy gives a TED Talks that shows you how to have a positive physical impact. She deciphers the power of body language and explains how to boost your confidence, cortisol, and testosterone.


Motivational Video Stronger
Than A Starbucks' Double Espresso

 Get inspired with Chris Cannon.  He'll pep up your "I got this." attitude


How Bad Do You Want Success?

This is real life 100% motivation from a true athlete, not some actor putting it on for the camera.  The video features Giavanni Ruffin (East Carolina's running back) and narrated by the Hip Hop Preacher, Eric Thomas.

He tells Ruffin, "You'll be successful when you want it as bad as you want to breathe". To be a successful today, you have to BE something or someone. This is especially true in real estate.  Successful investors dream of the future, follow their passion, and are up for the challenge.

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