Real estate investment clubs and groups are gaining popularity and it's not because of the pie. It's because of the sweet insider deals and secrets you'll discover while rubbing elbows with local real estate investors. These are the deals that do not show up on the MLS and many that have not officially hit the market.

There's the saying, "You're the sum of the 5 people you hang out with", and real estate investment clubs are the perfect places to find 5 new investors to buddy up to.

Networking is well worth your time. There are many real estate investment groups and they're easy to find. Start with Meet Up groups to find your local meetings.  It's high level networking with potential buyers, sellers, lenders, and joint-venture partners, who can help make your business grow.


It's a safe environment to learn from other investors, you'll find cooperation and synergy from the group. Solutions are offered when you present your latest challenges plus meetings can quickly become a mastermind session full of new topics and ideas.

Announcing that you are new and just beginning real estate investing in a room of peering, experienced, calculating, eyes can be intimidating. But stay calm, they'll reach out to you.

When you attend a real estate investment meeting try to connect with only a few investors and follow up with them. It’s by showing genuine interest and following through that leads to opportunities and establishes relationships.

Smile ask questions and shake hands. Don't be nervous these are your new friends and business partners so go ahead jump right in.  Exchange business cards and have a short 1-2 minute elevator speech introducing yourself and your company.

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Benefits Of Real Estate Investment Clubs

There is always a wide variety of real estate investors at any meeting. All are valuable. However, direct your focus on the most successful and active real estate investors first. You want to find the experienced professionals and make them your advisers because along with their experience comes a list of tried and true contacts.

Meet beginning investors who are looking for ready made deals.  Experienced investors offering advice and ways to invest money.  And highly diverse investors offering financing deals.  It's here that you'll find joint venture (JV) partners who will team up with you for a piece of the action (profits). They'll hold your hand and can help you acquire and execute your deal. Sorta like on the job training.

Are you looking for new strategies? Having trouble with the local code enforcement and need advise?  You'll find the answers and more with your group of local investors.

At real estate investment clubs, you'll hear the buzz about the latest market trends and forecasts.  You'll gain the knowledge about companies and people that offer  related services. You'll get reliable, professional recommendations cutting research time and keeping trial and error to a minimum.

Many groups offer professional speakers and workshops. These are usually free or reasonably priced.  This is where we got connected with Free small business mentoring from SCORE.  SCORE has both online and local one on one meetings and workshops full of professional advice from successful business owners, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs and more.

Online groups , especially Linkedin and Facebook offer a fast and convenient way to connect and get your questions answered quickly. 

For everything you take there is something that you have to pay back, so contribute and pass it on when you can and invite more like minded investors to your groups.

All this for the price of coffee and pie makes
real estate investment clubs the sweetest deal in town.

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Real Estate Investment Clubs to Planning

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