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Realeflow is the premier all-in-one real estate investment software to streamline and automate, generate more leads, increase profit margins, close deals quickly, and grow the business software that puts you one step ahead of your competition. 

It truly does it all and then some.

It's all about the leads. Realeflow solves the most significant challenge all investors face - generating leads. Essentially, it's a nonstop lead generator. Like a snowball gathering speed rolling down the mountain. 

You get both Marketing and Business management tools all in one place. It's a powerful but easy to use real estate investment software system designed for investors.

The Marketing tools find the leads, analyze the property, Hammerpoint for rehab, and finds comparable sales. Also, get tips to locate and apply with private lenders for financing.


Realeflow real estate investment software provides
everything you need to automate 85% of your business

Realeflow marketing tools


Realeflow Business tools


Plus, you also get a website, automated mobile app, property listings, automated direct mail and email campaigns, and many more. Realeflow puts you in control of your business with a completely paperless office. Efficiently managing contacts and properties, keep track of leads, offers to follow up, repair estimates, closings, team members, and just about everything that has to do with getting the deal closed.


Stay two steps ahead of your competition.

Realeflow cash buyer leads

Stop losing deals and throwing away leads. Realeflow's real estate investment software squeezes the most out of each lead by utilizing a system to track, monitor, and follow up from beginning to done deals, creating a constant flow of leads.

Instantly, generate nationwide leads with targeted lists and initiate marketing campaigns immediately. Save money and time by focusing your marketing attention on only the leads with your business's highest potential. Leadpipes is your private search engine, and the ultimate shortcut for generating quality real estate leads fast. Search and download, cash buyer, motivated seller, and private lenders. The absentee owner leads, free & clear, high or low equity, upside down, and probate. View map your leads, click on a lead's location and find trends.

Find private lenders to fund the deal. Send out pre-written direct mail requests to potential lenders generated from within the program: financing Pre-approval Letter, Proposals, and all the reports needed for a property loan.

Analyze The Numbers Without A Calculator

Realeflow real estate analysis software

No guesswork, just solid numbers.

Analyze the deal with accurate property and market analysis. Instantly calculate the projected return on investment (ROI). Identify cash on cash return and net profit, and more—all the numbers in a report to make a wise investment decision.


Accurate Comparable Sales And Interactive Mapping

Realeflow comparable sales

Determine a property's current value and potential after repair value (ARV) in the amount of time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

With a few clicks, see comparable sales and build a report with in-depth details and features about the owner, property, mortgage, loans, past sales, taxes, neighborhood, and public data. The real estate investment software will give you the maximum allowable offer (MAO), enabling you to negotiate with confidence.

Create An Itemized Plan without A Contractor

Real estate estimate repairs software

The Hammerpoint home repair estimator and rehab planner systematically guide you through the repair inspection. Just walk through the property and answer the questions on the screen. It's easy to create an itemized rehab plan for each property without needing a contractor's help.

Save and print itemized repair estimates and custom rehab plans, including labor and material costs and Home Depot product SKUs. Choose from thousands of pre-loaded Home Depot product SKUs. Then with a few more clicks, instantly send your order to Home Depot.

Use your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to choose from hundreds of existing default items, including common repairs and pricing. And it's easy to customize by adding new items and pricing as your business grows.


Quickly contact owners with offers

real estate direct marketing software

Successful marketing is made easy. Amplify your Direct Mail marketing and with hands-off high converting campaigns. Upload your own, or the marketing library is full of proven and tested marketing campaigns, highly responsive personally written letters, and postcards. Just click to print, stuff, stamp, and mail - it is all done for you.

Automated Email Marketing and follow up campaigns.Upload your own or use the pre-written emails that have been tested and proven to engage and consistently convert your web leads into done deals.

Track down phone numbers for your leads with the simple click of the skip trace button! Skip tracing for both your contacts and leads.

24/7 property listing information with Moby, the automated mobile app that handles inbound and outbound voice and text broadcasts, phone redirects, and voice mailboxes. Use on all devices.


Your Professional Websites

real estate investing websites
real estate investing website for investors


Custom Websites and get started quickly. Set up and done for you with professional designs and attention grabbing copy that portrays you as the trusted expert in your city. With just a few clicks, fill in your information, and you're up and live on the web generating leads. SEO websites and squeeze pages include everything you need to launch a highly converting, custom real estate website in under 6 minutes without any web design or copywriting experience required.                                                                                                                                   

property listing pages for real estate investors

Your Property Listing Pages. In 5 minutes, create a specific URL for each of your properties, then with a push of a few buttons, send out marketing materials and promote it online. Also, distribute the property listing link to potential buyers through email or Moby messaging.



Realeflow Real Estate Investment Software
Makes It Easier To Be Successful

Paperless Office

The real estate investment software manages all paperwork electronically. Your virtual filing cabinet organizes and stores contacts, forms, property files, and documents. Generate complete offer packages, auto-fill documents, and HUD-1and create a custom library of your preferred forms. Track expenses, budgets, and property maintenance in one centralized location. Export expense reports and tax forms to your accountant.

Send and receive faxes online through your Realeflow account. Prioritize your tasks, calendar, and activity feed. (synced with Google Calander) The real estate investment software will keep you focused on which steps to take to get the deal closed.

Realeflow paperless office


Power Linking

It's easy to collaborate and give access to your team, real estate agents, contractors, lawyer, title companies, and everyone involved with getting the property to the closing table. Cut down on one-on-one interactions while still providing necessary information. Determine the access level of each user based on the role they play. Just login and see all the details about a property, including notes and progress. You'll always be on the same page with assistants and your team.

Special support team. Realeflow's support team has won awards. They will assist and answer all questions to experience a helpful interaction.

In-depth Education.  And an extensive and detailed collection of tutorial videos. Get started with the in-depth step by step video series that will guide you through all the functions and features that Realeflow real estate investment software has to offer. You can search by keywords or topics, and it's easy to navigate.

Realeflow brings Marketing and Business tools together with easy-to-use real estate investment software to increase profits and grows your business


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