Imbalances create opportunity and real estate market trends point the way to the money. Historically, wild fluctuation and special once in a life time occurrences in markets and industries have created enormous financial growth for entrepreneurs that can identify it.

Financial Real Estate Market Trends

The top real estate market trend indicators are:

National economic information and housing statistics.

Sales Transactions including volume, pricing, and capitalization rates.

Absorption and vacancy rates.

Amazingly, immediately following the depression more millionaires were "made overnight" than any other time. Change is inevitable but how you respond to it is what will make you successful.  When the market shifts, have your company already in position to maximize on the opportunities.


Know and analyze your market to find the most profitable deals before anyone else. See which areas will appreciate fastest and which have the most vulnerability and risk. 

We like to use market analysis software to identifying the hot areas where the money and properties are exchanging. This software tracks, gauges, and technically analyzes. See local, state, regional, and national real estate market trends.

In addition to information about hot emerging markets, the software sends alerts about areas to avoid like crashing markets, flat and dead zones. It's all the intelligence you need to make smart investing decisions in minutes.

There's cause and effect information delivered in analytical forms with graphs, pictures, and detailed explanations about rank and performance. If you're not a techie, no fear, the software does all the work it's easy for both right and left brain users to understand. Also included are training videos that walk you though the steps and share important insights.

Plus the software is great for commercial real estate market analysis too.


Rental property, despite increasing uncertainty and risk is a safe way to invest money in real estate. Especially since vacancy rates have declined and rental rates are on a continual increase.

Tax deed certificates and sales have become a profitable real estate market trend. They'll continue to increase due to the foreclosure rate, unemployment, and inflation.

Continue to AVOID investing in raw undeveloped land. Land is almost impossible to finance and won't appreciate until after the SFH market stabilizes and is appreciating.

However, land is cheap and even cheaper to hold and maintain. If your investment strategies are focused on the long term then land could possibly be an option.
But invest cautiously.

Also avoid short sales. They take too long to complete and waste your time and energy. Besides most of the strategies described from above are less work and will produce a higher profit margin.


Some current trends spotted on the horizon are due to the inability of the banks and mortgage companies to lend money without numerous restrictions and delays.

Successful real estate investors are always looking for other means to fund their deals. This has created new opportunity in the financial fields for anyone with a self directed IRA account, cash, or access to OPM - other people's money.

So what's an investor to do?

Act like the bank and lend money back to other investors, rehabbers, or anyone needing hard money loans, or transactional funding.

With these short term strategies your money will turn over fast giving you the ability to continually roll it.

For the long term, many investors are now offering lease options and owner financing to retail buyers. The investor gets maximum price and high interest for a long term and it's backed by the security of the property which reduces the risk.

Don't be a gambler, analyze the real estate market trends in your area before you invest.

Real Estate Market Trends to Rental Properties