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A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z S Securities: This is a formal document which is completed to state that there are either bonds or stocks that the holder owns shares from. Sale-Leaseback: This is when a buyer has leased a house to the original seller of the property. Second Mortgage: This is when a newer mortgage is taken out that comes after the first mortgage. Secondary Mortgage Market:

This is when securities which are in place for mortgages are either sold or purchased.

Secured Loan: This is when a loan has been.secured by some object with monetary value.

Security: This is when the house in question will be used as a collateral incase a loan cannot be paid.

Securities: This is a document in the shape of a form that lists the shares in which a holder owns for either stocks or bonds.

Seller Take-Back: This is where the seller of a property agreed to fund the client for the purchase of a property.

Servicer: This is a company who specialises in.carrying out forms of services related to mortgages.

Servicing: This is the process carried out when the lender of funds wishes to place some form of protection on an investment mortgage.

Settlement: This is a process which is carried out to finish a loan application, rendering it.complete. By this time all the required documents have been signed and the house in question has been successfully transferred to the buyer of the house.

Settlement Statement:This is a formal type of document that is used to state the costs of closing a mortgage.

Single-Family Properties: Used to state a property which is built up of multiple units, containing several different classifications of homes.

Soft Second Loan: Used to declare a second mortgage which is allowed the passing of a required payment due to the house in question that has been sold.

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act: This is a law which states the restriction on the debts that can build up on servers of the military forces, as they may not be able to pay costs due to their working status.

Subordinate Financing: Used to declare the mortgage loan which is less important than the previous one.

Survey: Carried put to provide the researcher with accurate and required information on the state and specification of a property.

Sweat Equity: This a where the borrower of the loan pays some costs towards a down payment for the costs of buying a house, usually replayed by a non cash exchanged service.

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